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Ordering Informations

Company/Owner :

Paradox Company
Dariusz Skibiński

Address :.

Jaśminowa Str., 17
31-432 Cracow

Postal address :

P.O. Box 20
30-960 Cracow

Phone : +48 12 632 41 33, +48 601 45 55 66
Fax : +48 12 632 41 33
E-mail : info@paradoxinsects.eu
VAT Identification Number : PL 6770052800

How to order

Your order may be made by :
- web site www.insectnet.eu;
- e-mail : info@paradox.co.pl;
- phone +48 12 632 41 33;
- fax +48 12 632 41 33;
- order form from our web site downloads (fax or post);
- post letter
All items offered on our website are subject to availability. When you place an order to purchase a product, you will get the confirmation of your order by e-mail or fax.

Prices and payment

All prices are listed in Euro.
Delivery charges are not included in the prices quoted.
Minimum order is 40 Euro plus postage.
If any price change, we'll inform you immediately.

Payment may be made by :
- bank transfer - details above;
- Western Union;
- PayPal by using our e-mail address : info@paradox.co.pl (www.paypal.com) : ( if you want to pay by PayPal you have to add 3,5 % for fees)

Please, make a note about the way of payment you prefer on your order.
Payment in advance only. Before delivery you'll get information about total value of your order including postage.


Your ordered items will be shipped within 14 days when cashed.
The worldwide shipping rates are added based on weight, type of delivery requested and destination.
The package will be sent by :
- Registered Air Mail;
- GLS Europe;
- DHL Worldwide;
Please, make a note about the way of shipment you prefer on your order.

Cancellation and complaint

You have the right to cancel your order within 2 weeks of delivery. Then you should return products in unused and unchanged condition at your expense.
Let us know by e-mail or fax when you decide to cancel your order before delivery. We try to supply our clients with high quality products. However, if you get defective product, please report by e-mail or fax, we'll try to find the way of resolving the problem. We advise to check the package when receive. If any goods are damaged, please request the deliverer for the damage report and inform us about it.

Personal data

All the personal data given by client are restricted and are not shared with other companies or other persons without knowledge and approval of the client.
In case of any additional questions, contact us by e-mail, please.

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